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La Cana Golf Club

27 holes of golfing pleasure, La Cana is a combination of 3 different golf courses, each consisting of 9 holes; Tortuga, Arrecife, and Hacienda.

This course was designed by P.B. Dye, the younger son of the legendary course designer, Pete Dye. Including 14 holes next to the clear Caribbean Sea, La Cana has turned to one of the favorites for the players that arrive on the island. Golf Magazine compares it to Pebble Beach and declared it the #1 golf course in the Caribbean. This beautiful course is aligned with Punta Cana Resort & Club's wishes to be eco friendly, being the first golf course to use Paspalum. This type of grass can be watered by water from the sea.

The incredible course allows players from all levels to enjoy it, making it fun for the whole family! The ladies and beginners tees will still allow you to have a great time. However, the advanced players will encounter great difficulties from the yellow tees.


One of this features of this course that make it so challenging is the wind! There are 14 holes directly on the waterfront and the wind will determine if you have a round smooth, or a huge ordeal. In some holes like Tortuga #5, the wind can make up to a 3 club difference. This is without a doubt the preference of members that regularly play walking.

Another prohibitory difficult hole is # 7, a marvelous hole that doglegs to the left . With the wind in your face the choice is yours. You can either aim left, and attempt to reach the green with a big drive over the palm trees. Or you can play it safe straight up the fairway, followed by an easy approach to the green, which is located just 25 yards from the beautiful Playa Serena Beach.

Hole 1 Par4

With a wide fairway to land your tee shot, this is a nice opening hole. At 368 yards, you'll find an unfriendly 17 bunkers throughout. The bunkers are short on your left, and down by the green to your right. A smart golfer can escape with a par and avoid the sand. Finding the fairway is of the utmost importance, and then hitting a shorter club to a fairly receptive green is the secret.

Tortuga Hole 1 Layout
Tortuga Hole 1 Tee
Tortuga Hole 1 Green

Hole 2

Another interdicting whole is number 7 a marvelous hole that doglegs to the left . Wind is in your face and the choice is yours. You can either aim left and attempt to reach green with a big drive over the coconuts trees or play it safe straight up the fairway, followed by an easy approach to the green , which is located just 25 yards from the beautiful Playa Serena Beach

Hole 3

Hole 4


Arrecife follows Tortugas ideals but has more movement on the fairways, featuring elevated, protected, and wide greens.

Recognition is deserved by Tortugas hole number 3. This beautiful hole features an island green in the center of a large lake . Its a little unnerving because the green appears small from the tee and the wind blows right to left. Also the spectacular finishing hole parallels the sea from the tee to the green , framed in the rear the lovely club house of the Punta Cana Resort & Club.


Hacienda the last 9 holes was added 3 years ago. The supply an inland route with wide fairways and maximum movement. The wind does not play s big role, but the greens are heavily guarded by bunkers. This is P.B. Dye's style! The greens follow the fairways on their movement and have different altitudes of their own.

Caddies are at your disposition. We highly recommend listening to their advice especially on windy and difficult days. Another important peace of information is that the fairway yardage is marked with stakes (100,150,200) and also on sprinkler heads.

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