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Punta Blanca Golf Club

Punta Blanca Golf Club , located in Bavaro it's the first design of the prestigious former number 1, Nick Price. He was later admitted into the golf hall of fame. The courses features the perfect combination of paspalum grass, fast greens, wide and narrow fairways and challenging hole set ups. The course was inaugurated in 2007

Punta Blanca offers a different type of challenge on every hole. It's fairways can vary often be very wide like on holes 10,1, and 17. The par 3’s are known for being lengthy and strategically challenging. In the other hand, the par 5’s are the perfect opportunities to make birdies and lower your score. Some of these par 5’s can be reached in 2 like holes 17 and 9.

Because of its proximity to the sea, the wind will always be a factor. Sometimes making an already long course, longer! Some holes that can be particularly and uncomfortably extend by the wind are 1 ,2, and 5.

The course presents a challenge from all bases because of the way the greens are protected. The green side bunkers are a show of master craftsmanship and design. The greens are also fast and have a lot of movement. This can sometimes make the ball leave the green, even though it lands on it. Spin and control will be a requirement to do well on this course!

A Local’s tip: Hey I play this golf course regularly and have some advice to give! You will find there are no easy hole locations. You have sometimes to just play the ,idle of the green and try to make a putt for birdie. If you get too aggressive on your second shots you might just pay the price. All par 3s have a hazard or out of bounds in play. The flags will tempt you, but the smart choice would be to hit the middle of the green. Your chance to make birdies would certainly be the par 5s. The fairways on these holes are much wider and in some of them like 4 and 18 you can reach the green in 2. Another element of this course is the rough. it is one of the thickest in the area, avoid them at all cost. Bunkers are taken care off so they will be of high quality. The waste bunkers however are really hard, almost like a cart path. Avoid them too at all costs.

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